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The purpose of the School is to impart good education to the standard of Matriculation.


Creating opportunities to students to become creative innovative and capable citizens.

providing life skill based curricullum is the key concept of learning.

Kinder garten level-Soft kill creative work aiphabets,phonic drill and number work.

Colouring,story telling ,nature talk,game and conversation.

Pre primary Level- i and iistd.

Subjeect like English,tamil,mathematics,since,social science anh Hindi are taught.

morl Science and General knoledge and computer are offered as apart of the curricuium for developing students towards spiritual,moral,social and cultural heritages of local,national and global dimension of their lives.

Examination System:-the School conducts Examination(Summative Assessment) Parents are informed of the war's progess Report on the opean day.